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Remodeling Quiz

Do you think you are ready?

You’re 10 short multiple choice questions away from learning where you’re positioned for your home renovation project. It only takes about 2 minutes. Then, lets talk about your results and make things happen. Perhaps that starts with you filling out our Contact form here and us Listening to your Dream and needs.

Let's Begin

1. How soon do you want to start remodeling? How anxious are you?

2. Do you have a clear idea for your remodel or addition? A main purpose for it?

3. Have you prioritized the changes you’d like?

4. Have you done a home energy audit? Are you aware of 'green' incentives?

5. Have you researched the “look” you want: colors, materials, appliances, etc.?

6. Do you have an architect or designer? Do their plans include specs?

7. Have you determined your budget? Does your plan fit your budget?

8. Have you secured financing?

9. Have you researched contractors? Do you know what to ask them?

10. Have you planned for the inconveniences your project will cause?